Saturday, March 2, 2013

Two bodies found in burned out car; CNMG confirms identity as Jerome and Dale Ramsahai

Police have found two badly burned bodies that were locked in the trunk of a Nissan TiiDa car in the Heights of Guanapo.

State-owned media CNMG reported that the victims were Jerome Ramsahai and his cousin Dale Ramsahai, of Debe. Jerome was the brother of Liana Ramsahai, an attorney, who is the Deputy Chairman of CNMG. 

Jerome Ramsahai (left) and Dale Ramsahai
CNMG reported that the bodies were wrapped in barb wire and burnt beyond recognition.

In a media statement CNMG's CEO Ken Ali expressed the company’s condolences to the Ramsahai family.

"The Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG) family is badly shaken by the horrific double murder of the Ramsahai duo," Ali stated.

He added, "We have been rocked by the devastating news; we have been searching for words to express our horror and pain at the murder in the first instance, and then at the gruesome manner of the killings...

"Each ghastly murder haunts us into expressions of shock and outrage, but when it brutally strikes as close as this, it blindsides us into trauma and terror.
We express our profound sympathies to Ms. Ramsahai and family. It's an understatement to say we feel their pain."

The Express newspaper reported that police and fire fighters responded to a call just after midnight Thursday and found a car on fire. After the firemen put out the blaze police checked the vehicle and found the bodies in the trunk.

The Express said officials are trying to use dental records and DNA from family members to make a positive identification. However on Friday night family and friends gathered at the Ramsahai residence in Debe to mourn.

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