Saturday, March 2, 2013

State to build Multi-storey "Energy Tower" on Salvatori site in POS

From the archive: The Salvatori building that has now been demolished
The government of Trinidad and Tobago plans to build a high rise "Energy Tower" on the site of the demolished Salvatori Building currently being used as a temporary vending site.

Housing Minister Roodal Moonilal made the announcement during a site visit on Friday in the presence of Port of Spain Mayor Louis Lee Sing and the Managing Director of the Housing Development Corporation (HDC), Jearlean John.

"We are looking to vision it as an energy tower because as you know this country is rooted in the energy sector. But in Port of Spain, there is no definitive building that houses the energy corporations and so on," Moonilal said.

"That will be located close to the Financial Complex, to the Treasury, to those sort of buildings. If you notice, they are scattered all over Port of Spain in rental facilities. So we are looking at that," he added. The minister said he expects to have definite plans for the site by July.

Lee Sing told reporters he expects the structure would provide residential and commercial spaces to aid the city's development.

Moonilal agreed to let vendors use the site for a while longer. However he was clear that the use will only be temporary.
FIle: Fruit vendors on the Salvatori site at the corner of Frederick Street and Independence Square, POS
"We want to be very clear upfront, the vendors will be allowed to continue plying their trade but we want to be clear on who these vendors are, who is assuming responsibility. So when that time comes, who we are dealing with in terms of vacating in a proper and orderly manner," Moonilal stated.


Anonymous said...

are they still going to build the tower?

Anonymous said...

cause if they were they should have started construction by now!?

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