Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ramlogan calls Tajmool Hosein a "towering" figure in the legal fraternity

Attorney General Anand Ramlogan on Saturday extended condolences on the passing of Tajmool Hosein, Q.C.

In an official statement Ramlogan described Hosein as a towering and authoritative figure in the legal fraternity whose contributions to the profession and public life were of immeasurable value in shaping the nation and region politically and economically.

The official media release said: "On a personal note, Mr. Hosein was a mentor and hero of the Attorney General as they came from the same village, that is, Williamsville. Hosein qualified as a barrister in 1946 and became an internationally recognized expert in constitutional law. It was his distinguished career in constitutional law that piqued the Attorney General’s interest in this area."

Hosein joined the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) in 1961 and won the Chagunas seat in the election of that year. He served as MP from 1961 to 1966 and was a member of the official delegation to the T&T independence delegation at Marlborough House.

The release added, "During the course of his professional career, he declined offers to become Chief Justice, and President of the Caribbean Court of Justice. He turned down those recommendations with a sense of humility over being offered such prestigious opportunities.

"He began an illustrious legal career when he was admitted as a barrister into the Honourable Society of Gray's Inn in 1946, having captured the Buchanan Prize for topping the entire British Empire in his Bar Finals.

"He was a deeply spiritual man and a devout follower of the late Shree Satya Sai Baba, with frequent pilgrimages to his ashram In India. His faith guided him in every aspect of his professional life. 

"In 1964, eighteen years after being called to Bar, Mr. Hosein was awarded Silk in recognition for his brilliant contribution and outstanding achievements in the sphere of law. Eighteen years later, in 1982, he was further honoured by being bestowed the nation’s highest honour, the Trinity Cross. 

"Moreover, he had a quiet and unassuming character and was a man of very few words but remains one of the most distinguished constitutional lawyer in the region.

"On behalf of myself and the staff of the Ministry of the Attorney General, I extend condolences to his bereaved."

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