Sunday, March 17, 2013

PP to address Constitutional reform before next election: Ramadhar

Prakash Ramadhar with commissioner Amrika Tewari Saturday
Prakash Ramadhar gave a commitment on Saturday to former Prime Minister Basdeo Panday that the People's Partnership government will address constitutional reform before the next general election.

The Legal Affairs Minister made the public commitment at the fifth Public Consultation on the reform of the Constitution at the Centre Pointe Mall in Chaguanas.

Panday publicly challenged Ramadhar, who is the Chairman of the Constitution Commission, on the question of whether or not constitution reform will be handled before the next general election.
Former PM Basdeo Panday addresses the Constitutional Reform Commission Saturday
Panday said that if the Government doesn't proceed with constitution reform before the next general election, then all of these public consultations will be "a colossal waste of time". 

Ramadhar assured Panday that the agenda is for constitutional reform to be addressed by the Government before the next general election.

Panday addressed the commission for about 12 minutes during which he made a case for an executive president, a unicameral legislature and some form of proportional representation.

He said the Constitution needs to be rewritten and must become a social contract between the people and the Government. Panday explained that constitutional reform is completely different from constitutional amendment. 

He said people want a Constitution that would find ways to deal with their problems. However, he expressed disappointment in the attendance at the hearing, noting that while people are saying that there is a need for constitutional reform few people are attending the sessions to let their voices be heard. 

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