Thursday, March 14, 2013

Police state better than criminal state: South Business group

Daphne Bartlett
The San Fernando Business Association supports the Defence Act (Amendment) Bill. The business group's president believes it is better to have a "police state" than a "criminal state." 

Daphne Bartlett made the point on Tuesday night at a public consultation, noting that soldiers have contributed positively in the fight against crime.  

"Given the crime situation in our country at this time and given the need for more police surveillance, we think we need more manpower and so we support this bill 100 per cent,” Bartlett said. 

"If we think they are taking advantage of the new powers they have, we will certainly call for a recall before the two years are up." She also spoke of the checks and balances. "We can have them charged and prosecuted if they abuse their powers,” Bartlett said.

"Some police are talking about a police state but I don’t have that fear. At this moment, we prefer to have a police state in inverted commas rather than a criminal state because we are reaching that point," Bartlett said as she pledged her association's support for Government's crime initiatives.

“Whatever it takes at this point to bring crime under control, we are with you at this point,” Bartlett said.

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