Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nationwide blackout hits T&T: PM orders high security alert

Within minutes of a nationwide power outage in Trinidad and Tobago Thursday night Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar increased the country's national security alert.

Acting in her joint capacity as PM and Chair of the National Security Council she enacted the precautionary measure to ensure that law and order was maintained, and critical infrastructure remained secure during the blackout.

The Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force and Trinidad and Tobago Police Service were mobilised and deployed 
into several key areas throughout the country, supported by air patrols from the National Security Operations Centre. 

There was one reported incident of attempted looting at a supermarket in Barataria, but this was prevented due to the intervention of law enforcement officials on the scene.

Coordination of the security effort continues via the National Strategic Command and the National Emergency Operations Centre, comprising all emergency systems and these agencies were prepared to respond to any incident if necessary.

As Chair of the National Security Council Persad-Bissessar has requested a full report from the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs and the Ministry of Public Utilities as to the cause of the blackout and what contingencies or redundancies should be put in place to avoid a recurrence of such a situation.

She assured the public that all necessary agencies were working to rectify the problem.

Power was restored to most customers early Friday morning. 

A media release from T&TEC said:

“Customers in Penal and environs, served by the Syne village Substation, were the first ones to be reconnected after a nationwide electricity outage occurred at 12.37a.m. today Friday March 29,2013.

"The outage stemmed from two causes - a problem with the gas supply from Phoenix Park Gas Processors Ltd, which affected Trinidad, and a subsequent problem at the Cove Power plant, which affected Tobago. 

"TTEC was able to restart the generators at Cove soon after, restoring power to the island from as early as 1a.m. The final customer came back on at approximately 3a.m.

"In Trinidad, the process of restoration started at approximately 4.45 am as there was some delay in restarting the generators at the PowerGen plant in Pt Lisas. The process to restart a generator after a complete shutdown - called a black start - can take hours, as the machines have to gradually be brought back up to full capacity."

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