Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mom delivers 6 babies - 3 boys, 3 girls; creates history in T&T and Caribbean

A woman who used the fertility drug Clomid has delivered six children - three girls and three boys - at the Mount Hope Maternity Hospital. The babies' average weight is around two pounds are each of them is doing well.

Prof. Bharath Bassaw delivered them by Cesarean section, which took about 40 minutes. "We got all six babies within three minutes, which was quite surprising to all of us as well. We had a cadre of neonatal staff," he told reporters at a media briefing.
Senior Lecturer and Obstetrics and Gynaecology and coordinator of the Faculty of Medical Sciences Dr Bharath Bassaw briefs reporters. At left is NCRHA chairman Dr Shehenaz Mohammed. GUARDIAN PHOTO: ROBERTO CODALLO
A team of 18 doctors were involved. Bassaw did not identify the mother, whi is 28-years old and from central Trinidad. She was reported to be in "critical condition" and has to be monitored closely.

The doctors took a decision to deliver the babies 10 days ahead of the due date because then mother was having difficulty in breathing. 

Bassaw said the newborns are being kept in ventilators and on drips for the next couple of weeks, after which they would be introduced to breast milk. He is optimistice that all the babies would survive. "We’re dealing with premature babies, although the weight was very good in terms of what we had actually expected but these babies are still quite fragile. 

“At this point they would be on the drips and ventilator to minimise the risk of infection. They have to be kept warm. We have to look out for jaundice. So there are a number of issues with them.” 

Bassaw said it could be risky for the mother to undergo another pregnancy.

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