Sunday, March 17, 2013

Letter: PNM rudderless

Some time before Christmas, a letter of mine concerning Donna Cox, MP for Laventille East/Morvant was published in a leading newspaper

I'm grateful it was, since it's not really the media's responsibility to provide wide access for ordinary people to articulate their viewpoints. The better way is for citizens to become involved in local and national political action groups. 

Never mind that, again MP Donna Cox has said something to stir me to pen a few lines again. During the debate on giving soldiers power to arrest, she delivered a couple powerful arguments for placing the police under direct political control.

MP Cox referred to the crime situation in Chicago. She described how, in January 2013, following a spate of murders, Rahm Emmanuel “resurrected the tactical teams of officers designed to break up gang activity and moved 200 cops from desk jobs to the street. The result was a 50-year low of 14 murders in February 2013."

Who is Rahm Emmanuel? Is he Chicago’s Police Commissioner/Chief? No! He’s the Mayor of Chicago! He’s a politician. He was elected. Under the US system, he is topdog in his city. When a US topdog growls, every 'pot hong does wet dey pants!'

So, is MP Donna Cox saying we must give our Ministers powers similar to those of US Mayors? 

In the US, public servant who refuse to work can be fired by the Mayor at any time. The arrangement works, because when employees know they could be fired, they perform.

She also mentioned that the Chicago "experience has shown that crime is reduced by having more boots in the streets.” But, the government has been saying the same thing. Nobody on the PNM side lodged objections. They thumped and thumped and thumped.
Their collective antics lead me to one conclusion: my party is rudderless without Mr Manning. I must pray more fervently for his swift and complete rehabilitation.

Octavia Crichlow | Upper Ojoe Road, Sangre Grande.
(PNM but no fanatic)

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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