Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Letter: Bring back hanging bill

It is awfully infuriating to open the papers every day and read about a new murder, especially where it seems the latest killing is committed in a manner even more gruesome than the previous. 

It is as though these criminals are engaged in some sort of macabre competition to outdo each other. 

I often think to myself how much better Trinidad and Tobago would be without these pests, hence the reason why I fully supported the hanging bill when it came before Parliament in 2011. I eagerly followed the debate, but, in the end, was very disheartened when it was defeated.

How long are we going to protect the criminals while the victims sit locked in their own homes like jailbirds because of self-imposed curfews and cringing in fear for their lives? I feel that more rights have been delegated to these pests and the innocent are the ones who pay for the criminals’ deeds.

Where is the justice?
Where are our rights to crime-free environment?

I was dismayed at the Opposition’s refusal to lend support to the Government for the ultimate benefit of the country despite so many amendments made at their request. It was and still is perplexing that, after the defeat of the Bill, the Opposition made absolutely no move to expedite the recommencement of the debate, despite announcing several times that they were in fact in support of the initiative.

There is no measurable certainty though to say for sure that they do support the Bill, as any effort made by the Government to come to a consensus on this matter has proven to be futile. 

I would hate to think that the Opposition is just carrying this country on a merry-go-round ride, particularly as victims and their families have suffered horribly at the vicious hands of criminals without any substantial justice delivered.

It should be noted that even though a particular Government is elected to represent the people, the Opposition plays a crucial role in representation as well. 

While there has been a incessant public pleading by the vast majority for legislation to protect our entitlement to rights and that was not sought after as priority, it leaves me to wonder what the role of those elected parliamentarians is. 

This by far has been a major failure on the part of the Opposition to serve the people. Had they been in Government I am sure there would have been nonstop and widespread calls for them to go, due to incompetence.

I am therefore begging the Opposition to help us by meeting the entire country halfway to ensure that we can recapture our country and rid the nation of these irritants once and for all.

Jenna Thomas | Maracas, St Joseph

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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