Friday, March 29, 2013

Letter: Big business should not seek state subsidy

I read in one of the daily newspapers today (Thursday) a comment emerging from the Chief Operating Officer of the Ansa Mcal Group, Gerry Brooks, who is now suggesting that the Government provide incentives to companies engaged in upgrades of their operating systems.

This has got to be the most incredible hogwash that I have ever heard from a business executive in Trinidad & Tobago.

Does the Ansa Mcal Group understand the concept of competitiveness? Of needing to invest in its own survival and growth? Or being required to either compete, attract the best talent and provide the best goods and services, or fold?

Exactly how does a company, which has just recorded its largest ever revenue and profit, justify wanting State support to further enhance its profitability? What Brooks is saying is really tantamount to corporate URP!

Economic conditions set by Government policy have clearly been very favourable considering the company's record breaking results, so it is not that the comppany can argue restrictive tax structures or fiscal deficiencies.

What Brooks is really calling for is a free ride to profit by the company, without any requirement to take responsibility for itself. And I believe that he has taken capitalism well beyond reason by suggesting something as foolish as asking a Government to invest in a private company's profitability.

Perhaps when the Ansa Mcal Group begins investing in its own employee growth and benefit, then it can make such foolish requests of a Government.

Jairam Bhola

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