Friday, March 15, 2013

Island prison to close by end of 2013

The government is closing the Carrera Island Prison by the end of the year.
Justice Minister Christlyn Moore made the announcement Thursday at the post-Cabinet news conference at the Office of the Prime Minister. 

"Cabinet has agreed to the closure of Carrera Prison by December 2013. The Carrera Prison was established to house approximately 185 inmates. Although it was redesigned, the population that it currently houses is well above the design capacity. In addition, it poses peculiar challenges both for visitors to the inmates, as well as the carriage of water and goods to the island," she said.

"Cabinet has rehouse the inmates at the Maximium Security Prison (in Arouca). Cabinet also agreed for certain upgrades to occur at that prison in order to facilitate the prisoner transfer," she added.

She said 
the Ministry of National Security would take over the Carrera facility because of the likelihood that it could be used for "unsavoury purposes" if is left abandoned.

The minister also spoke about the state of the Port of Spain Prison on Frederick Street. "I have seen the prison, I have toured the prison. I agree that the prison should not continue," Moore said. However she did not give a time line for when it would happen.

Moore also commented on a plan first announced by her predecessor to free 50 prisoners for Trinidad and Tobago's 50th anniversary of Independence last August. She explained that the plan was not government policy and was something that Herbert Volney "was trying to do in his wisdom".

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