Sunday, March 17, 2013

CoP Williams supports powers of arrest for soldiers

Stephen Williams - fully supports soldiers with arrest powers
Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams stated on Saturday that he has no objection to members of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force being granted powers of arrest for a fixed period of time, noting that the move would would enhance the performance of Defence Force personnel during joint patrols. 

Williams issued the statement in response to comments from Police Social and Welfare Association president Anand Ramesar that Williams disagreed with Government's plan for the soldiers. 

Williams said he met with Ramesar and his team and they agreed that it was not essential for soldiers to have powers of arrest in the fight against crime. However he said he did not object to the additional powers for soldiers.

The police chief noted that the police service is short of about 1,500 officers. He added that although police have consistently worked beyond their normal 40-hour work week, violent crimes have increased in 2013.

Williams said he supported Defence Force members being provided with powers of arrest "even before the bill was presented to the Parliament".

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