Monday, March 11, 2013

COP wants apology from Jack; would consider all options if it doesn't get it

File: Prakash Ramadhar
The leader of the Congress of the People (COP) wants an apology from National Security Minister Jack Warner for the allegations he made in Parliament last Friday that COP member Vernon De Lima was part of a secret meeting to try to destablise the country. 

Prakash Ramadhar spoke with reporters following a meeting of his party’s national council. He denied the statement, which Warner made during the debate on the Defence (Amendment) Bill 2013.

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No COP member raised any objection to the statement when it was made in Parliament. The party has six members in the House of Representatives as part of the governing People's Partnership coalition.

Ramdhar dismissed Warner's allegation and said COP's national council passed a resolution calling on Warner to withdraw his statement and publicly apologise to De Lima.

Ramadhar said De Lima "has always lived his life professionally and in his private capacity, as a person who is a true patriot of this nation and a man of exemplary character and reputation. 

"The party is very troubled that allegations of such gravity and magnitude could be made against any citizen and particular in the circumstance of Mr De Lima, he being a past party deputy chairman and active member of the party...We think that the injustice of that statement should be dealt with,” Ramadhar stated.

He said De Lima wrote to the council, denying attending any such meeting. The COP leader and Minister of Legal Affairs said he would ask the Speaker of the House of Representatives to expunge the statement from the Hansard record.

Ramadhar said if Warner doesn't apologise the matter would go back to the national council "to seek a way forward".

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