Sunday, February 24, 2013

Report: Robbers held, beaten in south


Store workers and street vendors took matters into their own hands yesterday (Saturday) when they pursued and beat two Jamaican nationals who robbed Detour Gents Store in San Fernando. The suspects, 34 and 37, who stayed in Arima, were arrested along with a 40-year-old Princes Town Special Reserved Police officer who was held after part of the loot was allegedly found in his car.

A wrecker removes the getaway car used during a robbery attempt on High Street, San Fernando, yesterday. Guardian PHOTO: RISHI RAGOONATH
The suspects were dragged out of their red Mitsubishi Lancer near Scotiabank on High Street after Store Manager Riad Attieh shot the car’s front tyre with his licenced firearm. 
This FACEBOOK picture show one of the suspects being held at gunpoint
The suspects were held until police officers, led by ASP Zamsheed Mohammed and Cpl Chris Garraway, arrived a few minutes later. They recovered some of the money at the scene and later found the rest in the SRP’s car.

According to reports, the suspects entered the store at lower High Street around 3 pm where one of them asked Attieh to convert US$1,200 into TT currency. Workers said while the transaction was taking place, the other suspect pretended he was browsing though some clothing.

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