Monday, February 4, 2013

Letter: Why does Rowley get away with telling lies?

Why is Keith Rowley allowed so much privilege and always allowed to get away unscathed when he does despicable things?

Based on how the machinations and operatives work in our society, I am 100 per cent certain had the Prime Minister or the current Attorney General stated that they had spoken to the illustrious son of the soil, Justice Rolston Nelson, and he indicated that he would serve once there was consensus and subsequent checks revealed that they were untrue - I could here the diatribes and unison chorus—Reshmi, OPV’s, section 34, and every time they vomitted.

Dr. Keith Rowley it seems has been granted exceptional status as being above reproach as he blatantly lied and fabricated a conversation that occurred between him and the renowned Justice Nelson that could have only occurred in the world of fantasy fiction. 

The Attorney General stated that he spoke to Justice Nelson and his superior, the President of the CCJ, who were both flabbergasted and appalled as no one sought the man’s approval or dialogue as is customary when the intention is to position one to a very high office in the land—in this case, even though quasi-ceremonial, it is the highest office in the land.

This is totally reprehensible and unbecoming as it has the propensity to taint the respectable and legal luminary as a partisan person.

I am trying to fathom the incessant political theatrics and exhibition that Dr. Rowley is allowed to get away with all the time. 

Up to 4 days ago, the opposition emphatically stated that they had no person to recommend and they were waiting to espouse discussions with the Government as a consensus candidate was sought given the importance of the role. 

Then to always gain political mileage as has been their hallmark, they run to the media to state that they were supposed to meet with the Prime Minister but she was indisposed as she was ill and then they met with Dr. Moonilal. 

What ensued next from the Opposition in this 100 metre race to win, was better than a Steven Segal movie. It was evident that they tried to manipulate and play semantics revealed by Dr. Moonilal with the words nominee and candidate. Then all of a sudden, they spoke with Justice Rolston Nelson through telepathy or osmosis or some sort of séance and he is their choice.

Our society will continue to be restive with such bias displayed as Dr. Rowley is allowed once again to blatantly tell an untruth against a prominent officer holder and there are no repercussions. 

His stories are always so creative and compelling on how one Senior Cabinet Minister went to the NY Mission and asked about the ethnic composition upon arrival, how the same person gave 50 per cent of State briefs to the person’s former law firm, how this officer holder has requested the FIU to provide bank statements of certain public figures, how a senior member of the Judiciary had colluded with the Executive concerning the extradition of Ish and Steve, now he had a conversation with Justice Nelson as the party’s preference for President.

It seems as though our society sees these gross misrepresentations and erroneous statements as another talent of Dr. Rowley—he is a geologist, a politician and just a good story teller and Paul Keens Douglas and a greater imagination than J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter fantasy fiction series.

I guess, those just see this as another facet of the man they adore. Please Government Members, do not dare or try any of this - you will be shot on spot by condemnations from all sects and circles, even David and the NGO crew.

Ms. Heather Martin | 
19, Woodnymph Crescent, Bon Air Gardens, Arouca

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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