Friday, February 15, 2013

LETTER: What's the basis for Rowley's objection?

1. Today's Express front page...have you seen it?

It says Rowley objects to the rules governing how the President is elected.

Mind you, these rules are spelt out in the Constitution that Rowley's party wrote. In other words, Rowley's objecting to himself when he insists the Electoral College is the House so House rules apply to it.

2. Twenty-one years have passed since Colm Imbert lost the right to be taken seriously by sane people.

He lost his credibility "virginity" when he showed he was a simmy-dimmy man.

Don't you remember he was the man who went at midnight and removed the dragon that was the Red House since the Red House was built and replaced it with an avian contraption secretly commissioned by him of Ken Morris?

He said it was ANR and Panday and NAR who put the dragon there as a work of necromancy, so, as a God-fearing party, the PNM had to scrub it off the landscape. Up to now he can't say where the Red House dragon gone, even though it was and still is public property.

Only simmy-dimmy people does cotton Imbert since that incident.

If the PNM feel they could undermine today's process, they better look over their shoulder first. The Speaker is a no nonsense man. He would eat them raw!

Watch and see!

Heston Corbie | Prizgar Lands, Laventille.

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