Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Letter: Time to deport foreign criminals to their home countries

Store manager holds suspect at gunpoint, awaiting police
I would like to congratulate the store manager of Detour, Riad Attieh, who managed to apprehend the criminals who attempted to rob the store last Saturday.

I thank God that the situation did not spiral out of control and the Manager remained composed given the serious circumstances. 

What caught my attention though was the fact that these criminals are Jamaicans. This is nothing new as if we do a simple demographic study in our prisons we would see the alarming numbers of Jamaicans or other foreigners inhabiting our jails. 

These immigrants are causing more harm than good. They are contributing to our rising crime rates and I realized that nothing much is being done about it. 

Has anyone else grasped this fact? We cannot allow these pests to come into our country and terrorize our citizens and then (maybe) put them in jail where we feed and shelter them. 

Anyone remember the case where the mother of twins murdered the father? They were Jamaican nationals who came to Trinidad and there were also five other Jamaican relatives residing with them. Are they even legal? The twins were born here so that automatically makes them citizens. 

Can you imagine how many people are doing this? Some get married to achieve citizenship as well, like in the United States. However, the US is extremely strict when it comes to foreign criminals. They immediately deport them back to their country, dusting their hands clean of all responsibility. They also make it difficult to even enter their country. 


Feature: Criminal deportees to T&T part of the crime problem

America has made deportation of convicted criminals a key feature of the current Obama administration’s immigration policy. Countries like Canada and the United Kingdom are also following to suit so what is the keep back with us?

We should take pattern! How long are we going to support and breed these monsters? The population is suffering!

Jenna Thomas | Maracas, St Joseph

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