Sunday, February 10, 2013

Letter: Time to consider a single party

File: The founding leaders of the People's Partnership coalition 2010
As clearly revealed by the rapid demise of "One Love" after '86, T&T is obviously not then nor now yet sophisticated enough for coalition government. 

Unless, therefore, the nation is again to be blighted by the PNM after 2015 the ruling dispensation must, with urgency, do now what they should have prior to 24/5/10.  They must amalgamate themselves into a single political party under a new banner, one devoid of ethnic, class or religious connotations. Only thus may they be certain of the floating vote, Catholic or otherwise. The leadership of said unified entity must then be determined via democratic internal election.

The foregoing is the only strategy by which the current ruling dispensation can avoid the ignominy of a one term government. Their failure to unify is fraught with tragic consequences for the future of T&T. 

This is the moreso since after the removal of Basdeo Panday there is no reason save envy or personal pique why the two leading partners in the coailition should not now present the PNM with a truly united front, free of internicine bickering.

While the PPG has made more than it's share of errors, it has still and by a significant margin, out performed the PNM in every area of democratic, equitable and elector friendly governance. Damn them if you must but that is indisputable fact! This is evidenced both by their democratic toleration of often unjustifiable criticism and much else.

Cry the beloved country
TG Mendes

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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