Sunday, February 17, 2013

Letter: No Wetting from DPP

This Carnival really lived up to its alias “Bacchanal Time” this year. The newspapers were just filled with kuchoor and more kuchoor from the start of the season to the end but I think the most alarming and disappointing story was that of our Chairman of the Integrity Commission, Mr Ken Gordon.

A man of his holdings in the public light should have not allowed himself to be carried away in the early morning Jouvert celebrations so much that he lost the gun he was carrying on him. 

First of all, was it absolutely necessary? How was it misplaced and why did he take so long to realize that this weapon was not on his person? I am terribly upset with Mr. Gordon and it disturbs me further to see no comment or apology at all from him.
This is a great blunder that ought to capture the immediate attention and swift action of the police and the DPP. 

However, I am unsure of how much we can rely on Mr. Gaspard. My confidence in him is rapidly dwindling as over the past few months I have seen bare progress in most of our large scale and highly publicized cases such as the Monteil-Duprey affair, Abu Bakr, Section 34, Calder Hart (phew! I’m tired but I can go on!).

We need to see more of our DPP and we definitely need to be informed. We can not have such highly detrimental issues floating in thin air, soon to disappear! The public needs to know! Unfortunately, I can predict that nothing much would come of it although I read somewhere that the file has gone to him. Be on standby to add ‘Gordon’ to the list. We’re counting Mr DPP. Prove me wrong if you may.

Charles Figaro | Arouca

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Jai & Sero

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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