Thursday, February 28, 2013

Feature: Stacy takes Project Touch to Woodland

MP Stacy Roopnarine chats with an elderly constituent during her tour of Woodland
Stacy Roopnarine is keeping her pledge to serve the people. And on Tuesday she demonstrated that as she took her Project Touch to the people of the Woodland Area in her Oropouche West constituency.

Project Touch, launched in January 2011, takes the services of the office of the Member of Parliament directly to the people. It has now become an initiative of direct interaction between residents, community groups, NGOs, members of the business community and their Parliamentary representative. 

Roopnarine went to Woodland with Chairman of the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation Premchand Sookhoo to meet constituents in Jacksingh Trace, Mungal Trace, Baig Trace and environs. She visited homes, listened to people's problems helped those who needed many of the various services she offers as MP. 
Children are people too! The MP hangs out with kids in Woodland
Roopnarine said in a media release that she intends to continue to reach as many people as possible although. She is making the effort to go to the people because she is aware of the difficulty many people face in getting to her Debe office and a sub-office in Woodland.

The residents welcomed the MP and thanked her for improvements in their community, including the re-paving of Pluck Road and Baig Trace, improvements to the Woodland Recreation Ground and Upgrades of the Woodland Community Centre. She promised to continue to work on their behalf to improve and enhance the community.

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