Thursday, February 7, 2013

Feature: CARDI says farewell to Indian scientist

by Yolande Agard, CARDI
Dr. Sujatha (2nd from left) chats with Trade Minister Vasant Bharath (3rd from left) while Dr. Chesney (left), Myrna Thompson (2nd from right) and Mr. Barton Clarke (right) look on
The Executive of the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) was joined by Trade Minister, Vasant Bharath and Ms. Myrna Thompson, Food Production Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, on Wednesday to say goodbye to Indian Scientist, Dr. Avvaru Sujatha at a Reception in her honour held at the CARDI Headquarters, UWI St Augustine Campus, Trinidad.

CARDI’s Executive Director, Dr. Arlington Chesney, in his brief address to the well-wishers, stated that arising out of Dr. Sujatha’s work there was a renewed commitment to resuscitating the coconut industry in Trinidad and Tobago.
The Trade Minister, who was then Food Production Minister in February 2012 when he hosted a welcome reception for Dr. Sujatha to the shores of Trinidad and Tobago, reiterated the Government’s commitment to the Agriculture Sector and active support of agro-processing sector for development in its accelerated diversification thrust. 

At that Reception in 2012, he outlined the plans for the one-year technical assistance and the goal of the Project which was to achieve full recovery of the local Coconut Industry and control of the Red Palm Mite to restore health of the coconut trees, while allowing replacement of trees which were beyond recovery following infestation with Red Palm Mite.

Dr. Sujatha served Trinidad over the past year as the Indian Technical Cooperation Expert on the development of a biological control programme for the Red Palm Mite, which has significantly impacted the coconut industry. 

Arising out of her work, a Fact Sheet on the Integrated Management of the Red Palm Mite was developed, which outlines the integrated management strategy for suppression of the Red Palm Mite and the importance of natural enemies and biological control.

Mr. Baron Clarke, Representative of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) was among the specially invited guests.
CARDI is a Regional organization that seeks to contribute to the economic well-being of Caribbean people by the generation and transfer of appropriate technology through agricultural research for development.

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