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Commentary: Ramesh continues his mischief and could take it to another level soon

File: Former MP for Tabaquite Ramesh L. Maharaj in Parliament 
So Ramesh wants to give up his UNC membership card. Good for him; and better for the party! 

No one can seriously consider him a member of the party especially since he has been doing any and every thing possible to malign the party and its political leader, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

And of course he has been labelled again as a PNM by the party's leader, Keith Rowley, who said publicly during the recent Tobago House of Assembly (THA) election that he and Ramesh "can build Trinidad & Tobago".

We are seeing the proof that the two are part of a team. When Rowley makes an anti-government statement, Ramesh is right on cue to add to it whether there is merit or truth to it. And the media are always present to give the former Attorney General maximum exposure.

Speaking at a news conference at his San Fernando office Wednesday about allegations relating to the Flying Squad matter Maharaj said he is considering giving up his UNC membership card.

Well there is no need for him to give up his membership. He has already in principle forfeited it by being aligned to another political party and making every effort to malign his political leader and bring his party into disrepute.

That, of course, is enough for the party to fire him, which is what he would love so he could get some more face time. Ramesh revels in media exposure and has excellent contacts to make sure he gets it.

You might recall when he was AG during the Panday administration in 2000 and was plotting with Patrick Manning to overthrow his government he called a news conference to tell the media that Panday was planning to fire him. Panday later obliged and gave Ramesh his marching papers, replacing him with Kamla.

The rest is ancient history, but history worth repeating. He, Trevor Sudama and Ralph Maraj made a deal with Manning to oust Panday and install Manning as Prime Minister as Prime Minister. Panday smelled a rat and asked for a new election which led to the 18-18 tie and the presidential decree that made Manning PM.

A recent ad by Activists of the People's Partnership
So if you know Ramesh you would also know that he is not about to hand in any party card. 

In fact, don't underestimate the extent of the khochoor he might be contemplating.

The UNC's leadership election is now due and Kamla, in keeping with her pledge to maintain the democracy within the party, will hold the election this year. The National Executive (NATEX) postponed it from January because it was clashing with the election in Tobago.

So now Ramesh would say he was planning to give up his membership but decided instead to "save the party" and run for the leadership. Of course he would get a cutarse like the one he received in 2010 when Kamla beat him and Panday and won the leadership.

But Ramesh is not interested in winning anything. His mission is mischief and he has the backing of his PNM friends. Go back in the man's history and you would get a clear picture. He has always had an axe to grind with Kamla ever since Panday pushed her ahead of him.

His election campaign in 2010 for the leadership of the UNC was directed at her, not Panday. In fact he seemed to be campaigning for Panday in that election. And back in 2001 when he forced Panday into a general election within months of the UNC winning a clear majority Ramesh and his Team Unity had just one mission - cause the UNC to lose government.

In that election he managed to help the PNM win the marginal Tunapuna seat with his candidate getting just enough UNC votes - about 200 - to rob Mervyn Assam of victory against Eddie Hart. For Ramesh that was mission accomplished because he never wanted to win a seat; he just needed to overthrow Panday. Robinson sealed the deal when he appointed Manning.

So don't be surprised if Ramesh now declares that he is the "saviour" of the UNC and puts his name on the ballot against Kamla. He would get the thrashing he deserves but that's what he expects. In fact his mission would be to advance the PNM agenda during a mudslinging campaign and there is every reason to believe he would get significant media support.

But Ramesh should be careful that the mud doesn't fly on his face instead. After all, he is no angel and people might have interesting tales to tell about the former crime busting AG who helped hang Dole Chadee and his gang.

Jai Parasram

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