Wednesday, February 6, 2013

CJ Archie, former CJs congratulate Carmona

“Justice Carmona will assume office in challenging circumstances that require all of our national leaders to demonstrate extraordinary restraint, maturity, even-handedness and strength in the face of agents of division, discord and tensions that can so easily tear us apart...

“The Chief Justice is encouraged by the fact that Justice Carmona’s nomination attracted broad consensus and hopefully it will catalyze an increasingly bipartisan approach to the conduct of our national affairs.

“In this context, I warmly congratulate Mr Justice Carmona and join with the nation in praying, on his behalf for wisdom, fortitude and success in the exalted and challenging office of Head of State,” Chief Justice Archie - Quoted in the Newsday newspaper 06 February 2013.


Former Chief Justice Michael De La Bastide: (Newsday 06 February 2013)

“I think one feature of the lead-up to this announcement was the fact that he was not the only judge being suggested. 

"There were other former judges as well as a sitting judge whose names were being put forward. 

"I think that is a reminder that the national and regional benches are really bastions of independence and integrity to which people are inclined to resort when they have to make an important appointment like this one...

“It is heartening to be reassured of the confidence of people in our judges. I think that confidence is well-deserved...

“I wish him well. I think he will have to take a fresh guard like a batsman coming to the crease as this is a totally new challenge for him but I think he will be successful as a president not only because of his legal background and experience but also because of his personality in dealing with people...I think he is a very likeable person.”

Former CJ Satnarine Sharma (also from Newsday 06 February 2013)

"I think he is a fine candidate, a gentleman of the highest order. 

"He will do well no doubt. He is not presumptuous and is fully aware of what lies ahead. 

"It is a heavy responsibility but he is very equipped to carry it out...

“I brought him back from the Hague. I got in touch with him and called him back. 

"After the announcement I spoke to him. He is very happy.” 

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