Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Agriculture Feature: Local farmer cultivating huge Cassava tubers

It's a Cassava root. 

And it was grown in Trinidad by local farmer Gaston Smith at the MarVista Farmsin La Fortune Trace La Savanne, Moruga. Smith is the manager of the 47-acre farm.

He has been consistently producing very large cassava tubers of excellent cooking qualities, over the last two years.

This variety of Cassava is a called MX and it is popular among local farmers. Smith utilizes "The Crop Health Therapy System" in his farm and has been able to obtain average tuber yields per plant of 30-35 pounds each. 

The planting density is 3,500 plants per acre. The tubers can range between 3-4 to as much as 17 pounds as shown in the photo. Nine to 10 pounds is quite common.

Recently Bernardo Ospina a regional expert from The Latin American and Caribbean Consortium to Support Cassava Research and Development, CLAYUCA, praised Smith’s crop yield.

“I have to travel to many countries that grow cassava, not only in Latin America but Africa and I don't remember in the last 10-15 years having seen this level of production so congratulations. I am telling the truth, it is really encouraging" said Ospina.

The Ministry of Food Production is proud of the hard work by local farmers such as Smith, who are helping to make Trinidad and Tobago a food secure nation.

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