Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sandy must resign from PNM for racist remarks; apology not acceptable

Hilton Sandy
The furore spurred by Hilton Sandy's indiscretionary blurt concerning shiploads of Calcuttans must not be allowed to alarm or divert us more than it already has, for what he said was very topical and timely, so needed to be put on the centre table. His forced apology is therefore unacceptable, as I shall explain.

Over the years, Tobago's makeup has changed significantly: it has moved from being 90% populated by African descendants to close to 70%, I am told; and the trend seems irreversible, sort of like what the USA is undergoing. 

If we refuse to acknowledge this, we may as well go live in Fools' Paradise, for we'd never be able to think or conduct ourselves logically about the impact of race on any Tobago election. Instead we'll remain guided by emotion and irrationality, as if a dose of salts were constantly passing through our brains, making us rahrah down the place with verbal diarrhoea to the embarrassment of those who look to us for guidance.

For Hilton Sandy to become an Assemblyman and Deputy Chief Secretary, he was required to take a couple oaths of office. Each position is different. Each position had its unique pledge. It's a serious business. Not only is the oath-taking a requirement of our earthly laws, it's a requirement of The One Above, so a Holy Book is involved. 

Those who breach their oaths face harsh consequences both here and Above. Some may escape punishment down here, but, Up There, eh eh! Hilton Sandy's apology cannot be entertained without him doing enough Penance to make amends. His statements were too crippling.

In case Hilton Sandy doesn't know what's best for him, let me remind him of the Oaths of Office he took under the THA Act:


I, HILTON SANDY, having been elected an Assemblyman for Tobago do swear by ALMIGHTY GOD that I will bear true faith and allegiance to Trinidad and Tobago, will uphold the Constitution and the law, and will conscientiously and impartially discharge the duties and responsibilities of Assemblyman that I am now about to assume.


I, HILTON SANDY, do swear by ALMIGHTY GOD that I will bear true faith and allegiance to Trinidad and Tobago and will uphold the Constitution and the law, that I will conscientiously, impartially and to the best of my ability discharge my duties as Chief Secretary/Deputy Chief Secretary/Secretary/Assistant Secretary and do right to all manner of people without fear or favour, affection or ill-will.

The PNM is a party renowned for its moral and spiritual values. To maintain or refurbish that image, Hilton Sandy must immediately resign from the THA and withdraw his candidacy too, for clearly he holds Indo-Tobagonians and Indo-Trinidadians in total contempt. 

If he refuses, he might as well dump a truckload of Roxborough sand in my Party's rice, leading to it being attacked with full force and floored for good by a young and vibrant Partnership that hasn't yet reached full prime. That would grieve me greatly, since the Sandys are my relatives. Don't feel offended, Cousin Hilton! Please resign!

Octavia Crichlow | Upper Ojoe Road, Sangre Grande.
(PNM! But no fanatic!)

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