Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rajendra Dubay's Daily inspirational thoughts - Doubles

Two with slight, 3 with heavy pepper, 2 with only sweet sauce.

The Doubles man or woman,working hard, selling tasty food with a smile,the best customer service anywhere.

The Doubles man knows everybody and everybody knows him. They all gravitate to his box or van.

Still the cheapest food you can buy and with the channa, something to strengthen your body.

To prepare for the day ahead, they often get up at 12 midnight, cutting up ingredients to make fresh sauces and other preparations for the day ahead.

Strong in faith,with gritty resolve they move on day after day.

Most are proud, ambitious and have a good understanding of entrepreneurship.

They are patient with unruly customers and appreciative of the good ones. 
The smallest child, the oldest grandmother, the pastor, the doctor, the garbage man all know the Doubles man and all eat from him standing side by side.

The accuracy at which they place the channa and sauces and the speed at which they wrap the Doubles is something to behold.

Everyday I look foward to eating Doubles, for something given with love and the sweat of hard work can only strengthen you.

They also give free Doubles to the needy that pass by and will not turn down a request for extra channa or more sweet sauce.

They are committed to their family, often having their wives and children working side by side with them.

They work for themselves; they work hard. In them I see courage; in them I see faith and in them I see hope for us all.

To the Doubles man/woman I salute you.

by Rajendra Dubay,
spiritual counsellor,
© Copyright Rajendra Dubay, All Rights Reserved,
contacts: cell 1-868-762-4433

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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