Saturday, January 19, 2013

PM Kamla's speech at launch of NESC/PTSC Trade School

It is an honour and a pleasure for me to be here today for the launch of the NESC/PTSC Trade School as we stand here 16 young Tobagonians have commenced training at this facility that will lead to their becoming certified heavy equipment technicians over a four year period. 

My Government is committed to expanding tertiary education in our sister isle and to facilitate human capital development among our citizens in Tobago. 

I say today, the people of Tobago must benefit from access to quality training in tertiary education.

Ladies and gentlemen, I stand here before you today to assure you, that the Peoples Partnership Government is committed to bringing the services of government closer to our people. Many of our Tobagonian Citizens have had to undergo the inconvenience of having to travel to Trinidad at great sacrifice to their family lives in order to access tertiary education.


The Peoples Partnership will not maintain the status quo, and neglect our sister isle. Under my government we have:

  • DELIVERED the MIC/YTEPP Tobago Technology Centre, the largest training facility of its kind in Tobago. This Technology Centre was established to provide training in developmental areas such as Computing, Entrepreneurship, Patient Care, Cosmetology, Data Operations, Commercial Food Preparation, Electrical Installation, and others areas; and has done so with much success
  • We have been able to deliver a Mobile Computer Training Lab in Tobago through YTEPP. This mobile bus came about through collaboration between YTEPP and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and is used to provide computer based training to persons throughout the island, particularly in the rural areas
  • DELIVERED OJT offices in Goldsborough and Roxborough to ensure that OJT services are more accessible to persons in the rural areas
  • DELIVERED the Tobago Student Caravan and established accessibility of a Digital Map of Registered and Accredited Tertiary Level Institutions by the ACTT for both Tobago and Trinidad

And today we delivered the launch of a new campus of the UTT in Tobago in Scarborough. 

And here we are now launching the PTSC/NESC Trade School in Tobago and I understand that later today the NESC will also be graduating successful training of programmes in Facilities Maintenance, Welding and Plumbing

I am told that:

  • There is currently a shortage of Heavy Machinery mechanics in the World, according to the Survey of Employers in the US (Department of Labour 2010) 
  • Employment of Heavy Machinery mechanics internationally grew by 30% between 1991 and 2010 and has continues to grow. Growth in the number of registered trucks and buses of 3.3% per annum since 1998 has contributed to this
  • There have been apprenticeship programmes in the past with Texaco, Caroni, T and TEC and over time these, I am advised, programmes were discontinued and therefore a void was created in our training portfolio. 
  • Now under the Minister of Tertiary Education and Skill Training, Senator the Honourable Fazal Karim, apprenticeship training is being reintroduced to Tobago and Trinidad, throughout both islands. 
Today we launch the NESC PTSC Trade School in Tobago and we will soon commence training at the NESC VMCOTT Trade in Beetham in Port of Spain and a PTSC NESC Trade Schools in Port of Spain and San Fernando.

Each graduate of this Heavy Equipment Technician apprenticeship program is a certified person who will be able to diagnose, repair and maintain the working parts of Industrial “on-road” and “off-road” Heavy Equipment. This is a huge training benefit for the industrial sector of Tobago in addition it would provide the avenue to which the trained person can earn a livelihood and become a professional in his field.

Upon successful completion of this program at the PTSC/NESC Trade school participations will:

  • Understand Industrial Occupational Health and Safety practices 
  • Understand related terminology and identify/use related equipment 
  • Diagnose and repair suspensions and wheel systems 
  • Diagnose and repair hydraulic and air braking systems 
  • Diagnose and repair gas and diesel engines 
  • Diagnose and service transmission and drive systems 
  • Understand heavy duty charging and cranking systems 
  • Understand new and emerging technologies 
  • But above all each person will gain a sustainable job in the sector you have trained and be able to support yourselves and your families 
Today Tobago will have access to a similar range of programme offerings at the tertiary level as currently exists in Trinidad. I congratulate the collaboration of PTSC, NESC and the NTA in their efforts toward this trade school that will positively impact the lives of our Tobagonian Brothers and Sisters.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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