Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New political party enters race for Grenada election on Feb. 19

Glynnis Roberts, leader of Grenada's National United Party 
Glynnis Roberts, a former member of Grenada's governing national Democratic Party (NDP), has been appointed leader of the newly formed National United Front (NUF), which will contest three of the 15 seats in the February 19 general election.

Speaking with reporters Sunday at the NUF's first convention, Roberts dismissed suggestions that her party is a breakaway faction of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).

She said while it is not yet in a position to govern Grenada NUF wants to get representatives in the parliament.
NUF chairman Siddiqui Sylvester said, "We want to see members of NUF in the parliament come February, we want to ensure the membership of NUF is represented in the parliament, let us work towards that objective."

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas expelled Roberts and nine other government ministers and trade unionists from the NDC last September. Roberts told journalists her party comprises people who believe it is necessary to present a real alternative to the present administration.

“There comes a time in a country’s history when the old must be done away with,” she said. 

Roberts said that the NUF plans to develop the country on the basis of a nine-point agenda that places emphasis on increased high yielding jobs, developing the agricultural sector, improving health services, education, tourism and implementing social oriented programs that would support strong family bonds and establish close family ties.

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