Sunday, January 6, 2013

London offers to resign as THA Chief Secretary

File: Orville London (Guardian photo)
Orville London is offering to resign if Jack Warner could provide proof to support allegations Warner made last week at a political meeting in Tobago.

Last Thursday, Warner spoke at a meeting of the Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) in Roxborough at which he charged that the THA Chief Secretary was the owner of a gas station and seven houses. He also alleged financial mismanagement at the THA and secret PNM deals.

London responded at a meeting in Delaford Friday night and challenged Warner to provide the proof.

"If Jack Warner could bring a shred of evidence to show Orville London owns a gas station or that Orville London owns seven houses I will resign as Chief Secretary immediately and withdraw from the election. 

"But I am saying to Jack Warner, if you cannot prove that, and you come to Tobago and tell that to the people of Tobago, you are not fit to be a public official and you should resign," London said.

"If I have lands then it must be recorded somewhere. If I own a gas station then somebody must know. So I repeat to you Jack Warner and Ashworth Jack if you hearing, carry the message, tell him I am prepared to resign in the morning if he brings the evidence but on the other hand, if it is proven that he has come here to deliberately mislead Tobagonians then he should step down," London said.

The Guardian media said it contacted Warner for a comment and quoted him as saying: "I have nothing more to add. I have said what I had to say on Thursday."

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