Saturday, January 12, 2013

Letter: Noting to fear - that ship docked in Tobago a long time ago

Deputy Chairman of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA), Mr Hilton Sandy, obviously missed the landing of the Calcutta ship decades ago.

Orville London’s deafening silence and the PNM leader’s repulsive response only confirm that the PNM hierarchy also missed the berthing.
The Calcutta ship, which off-loaded its cargo decades ago, contributed significantly to every sphere of growth and development in Tobago.
In a tiny island with two constituencies out of 41 and fewer than 80,000 people, the ship can boast of disembarking major contributors in the supermarket and hardware businesses, the hotel industry, finance, insurance, real estate, labour, culture and religion.
But even more telling is the Calcutta ships, on an annual basis, continue to off-load from the shores of Trinidad thousands of Calcutta tourists. From the air, at times, one may think Air India landed.
And the Calcutta ships (and planes) have been allowed to land unmolested, unprovoked and welcomed with warmth as the island itself because of the very nature and beauty of the people of Tobago. 
The crew and passengers of the many Calcutta ships can readily confirm that Tobagonians are hard-working, decent, friendly, God-fearing and dignified. And that is despite those who wish to be otherwise. 

It appears that Mr Rowley has lived too long in Trinidad. The history and nature of the people of Tobago will allow them to vigorously resist every effort to run the Calcutta ships aground to the detriment of Tobago.
Lest we forget, the cargo on the ships that came from Calcutta share an almost similar history of intense pain, suffering and endurance as those who left from the Nile, ironically creating almost shipwrecked societies. 
And those so-called leaders from both sides of the racial divide who continue to insult, humiliate and denigrate for their own selfish, political and other gains will continue to remain the poison of our people. 

Dave Persad | Couva

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