Saturday, January 12, 2013

Immigration Divsion hiring 100 officers

The Immigration Division is moving to boost its human resources by hiring close to l00 officers in the coming months.

The recruitment exercise started last week for suitably qualified officers for the post of Immigration Officer 1 from the within the Public Service. The deadline for submission of applications to the Director of Personnel Administration is on February 8, 2013.

The intake of the new officers will result in the promotion of some 73 officers to the rank of Immigration Officer 11, 111 and IV. Vacancies in these positions have not been filled since 2006.

The additional officers will enable the Immigration Division to strengthen the investigation section, intelligence unit, passport unit, extensions and permanent residence sections and the Document Examination Laboratory.

National Security Minister Jack Warner said the passport section will soon be able to handle a larger volume of applications for passports in a more expeditious manner.

He said the strengthening of these units will allow the Immigration Division to more effectively deal with illegal immigrants, human trafficking and transnational crime and management of the borders.

“This intake of the new officers will help to increase the presence of immigration officers at the airports and seaports to facilitate the speedy processing of arriving passengers,” Warner added.

A week ago the Immigration Division started an upgrade of the Information Technology equipment at the Documentation Laboratory, which will also include the training and certification of Immigration Officers in Forensic Counterfeit Examination.

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