Friday, January 11, 2013

Guest commentary: Time to end this race nonsense

John Sandy rose through the ranks to become Brigadier-General of The Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force, afterwards, Minister of National Security, then Ambassador posted abroad. John Sandy served his country with distinction.

John Agitation spent many years as a teacher and, on the side, uplifted us with mirth for many years, also served as an elected Local Government Representative (the first ever on a UNC ticket), before retiring when old age took firm hold. John Agitation served with distinction too. (Previously, I wrote a brief biography of John Agitation for Wikipedia:

"John Sandy" minus "John Agitation", leaves what? Sandy Agitation. That's correct! It seems these days all we have left to chew on is indeed pure, unadulterated Sandy Agitation! It's both ironic and sad that John Sandy, who excelled and still excels, is related to Hilton Sandy, the Sandy Agitation promulgator.

Politics is an occupation no different from pop music: one hit can make you, one flop can break you. Politics in the enlightened world, that is. However, out of evil cometh good, sometimes. All things considered, it makes sense to shred the Sandy Agitation to bits by being blunt: what Hilton Sandy said must be digested and excreted as the fecundating catalyst which will end the "Nigger and/versus Coolie" malaise once and for all! Now is the time! A stitch in time saves nine! Let's fix it now! If we don't fix it, who will? And it will fester.

On the odd occasion I have been encouraged to believe Trinidad and Tobago was at last beginning to see the example, each time PNM was put in Opposition and the so-called "recalcitrant minority" lawfully elected to reign.  

On each odd occasion I told myself, we, diverse as we are, were coming of age and, at last, understanding and accepting our binding ties, not our divisive superficialities, were more durable, more valuable to us as a commonwealth. Inasmuch as we are a Commonwealth, given the corrosion his verbal acid has caused, what sensible reason can anyone put forward to defend Hilton Sandy or permit him to cling to his present and future political aspirations? (What? We are a commonwealth! Our Constitution so declares! Our Constitution is our supreme law and it wasn't written by the so-called "recalcitrant minority", so I see no reason for "non-recalcitrants" to object to the use of "Commonwealth"!)

The party which birthed the "recalcitrant minority" phrase is no longer led by the person who actually coined it, even though both are referred to as "Doctor". 

Along with many others, I believe I have sufficiently demonstrated how the Sandy Agitation is a disease of vintage origin which must be urgently excised. All things considered, it warrants a "Physician! Heal thyself!" intervention to cure it. Over to you, Dr Keith Rowley! Are you up to it, or must another penny's worth be added to the prescription?

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5 Rivers, Arouca,
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