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Guest commentary: Reality check on that Market Facts Poll

Re: That storm in a teacup called, "The Trinidad and Tobago Express-commissioned Market Facts Poll", whose findings made front-page news in the Express on 20120113, under the rubric, "DOWN BUT NOT OUT" (, how many persons realized the MF findings reveal only certain parts OF TRINIDAD have expressed a low opinion of the Prime Minister and her government?

In case you missed it, this is what the article said:

Those who held a negative opinion tended to be between 25-35 years, of low and high socio-economicstatus, living in North-West and North-East Trinidad and of African and Mixed/Other ethnic descent.
On the other hand, those with an optimistic outlook were more likely between 45-64 years, living in central Trinidad and of East Indian descent," the MFO stated...

"The respondents who tended to deem the Government's efforts positively were from a low socio-economic status and/or 55-64 years old, and/or those of East Indian descent and/or living either in Central, South or Tobago.

Those of an opposing view tended to be either African or Mixed/Other ethnic descent and/or living in north-west and east Trinidad," the MFO said.

Now, how do such facts measure up against the map of Trinidad and Tobago, as redrawn by a certain event which occurred on May 24, 2010? These MF pollsters declared their results to lie within a + or - 4% margin of error, so I've zeroed in only on those constituencies where the margin of victory for the successful candidate was 4% or less. Those constituencies are Diego Martin North East, Arima, Toco/Sangre Grande and Point Fortin. See next:

Clearly, the MF "discoveries" reveal no new facts: the anti-PP mood is concentrated in the areas that wonhandily by the PNM, or retained or lost by them by a kuh: "Those of an opposing view tended to in north-west and east Trinidad," the MFO said.

In other words, the MF poll results have really shown the PP is holding her own.

It's also curious that the language the Express used in reporting on MF polls tended to be very subjective, not clinical; e.g., "tended to be", "more likely between", "and/or"), as if to suggest the MF pollsters (or whoever hired those MF researchers) were disappointed with what they uncovered. 'Nuff said!

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