Friday, January 11, 2013

Guest commentary: Achilles' Heel Will Bring Down The PNM

By the Grace and Power of The Unshakeable And Everlasting Power I bring you greetings and my thoughts on the subject I'm discussing.The Topic I'm Discussing: Achilles' Heel Will Bring Down The PNM.
This came to me in a vision so I must share it far and wide.

In Greek folklore there's a tale of a great warrior named Achilles. When he was born, it was foretold he would not live beyond his youth. To frustrate the prophecy, his alarmed mother took him to the River Styx and dipped him headfirst in its mystical waters. 

Poor woman! The heel area where she actually gripped Achilles was not touched by the waters at all during his baptism. His entire skin, other than that tiny spot, became completely impervious, so no sword, lance, dagger or arrow was able to bruise or harm him.

Protected by his Stygian shield of invincibility, Achilles grew into a most fearsome and fearless warrior. Throughout his youth and into early manhood, he destroyed all who challenged him. As the victories and years accumulated, the prophecy faded from everyone's memory, until one day, during battle, a poisoned arrow hit him in the heel and he collapsed, mortally wounded.

From that moment on, every inconspicuous spot through which a lethal injury could be inflicted on any powerful body has been referred to as an Achilles' Heel. 

I have seen an Achilles' Heel recently. It was exposed through Hilton Sandy's poisonous arrows that have turned a hotly but cleanly contested campaign into a nasty and repulsive one that demeans our citizens who, through no fault of theirs, happen to be of Indian descent. It wasn't Hilton's. It belongs to the PNM, since he was speaking for the PNM at the time.

As a result, the 2013 THA election will prove to be a mighty moment for the TOP, if the TOP recognizes and exploits the only weak spot the PNM has. Its bigotry towards Indians has always been the PNM's Achilles' Heel. It has always placed highest priority on keeping the Indian part of our population from joining together with the African part. 

Essentially it has accomplished that objective by whispering anti-Indian things into the ears of Africans throughout Trinidad and in Tobago. To be honest, many Indian leaders have also done the same thing. But the PNM has super-refined the art. That's why the PNM has remained a powerful force for many, many years, until now, where it's out of office, with slim chance of returning.

Seeing complete humiliation if it loses, the PNM's back is to the wall. To it, the only way out is to go nuclear by being coarse. Hemmed in on all sides, whispering won't work this time, so it's screaming "Race!" as loudly as it could.

The TOP and the UNC must not distance themselves from each other at this stage. Alone the TOP cannot and would not be able to puncture the PNM through that one vulnerable spot will bring the PNM to ground. 

From the day it was created, the PNM knew that humans invariably recoil from each other when artificial animosities are established amongst them. That's why whenever it enters a battle the first defence it throws up is race, after which it says sorry and pretends it did no wrong, no harm. 

It is time to shut the lid on the PNM, for good.

I hope to God there's no Achilles' Heel in my line of thought.

Leader Christopher Trim | Bertie Road, Arouca

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