Thursday, January 31, 2013

Commissioner with questionable credentials absent as coup probe resumes

Hafizool Mohammed was absent Wednesday when the enquiry into the 1990 attempted coup resumed in Port of Spain. 

Mohammed is one of the commissioners. Media reports have questioned his academic credentials and reported that Mohammed admitted that he had a doctorate from an unaccredited diploma mill. In addition media reports said there is no evidence to support Mohammed's claim that he has a degree from a U.S. military academy.

Mohammed is an American citizen. He is originally from Dow Village, Trinidad and currently lives in the United States.

When the commission began its 14th session Wednesday Chairman Sir David Simmons explained that Mohammed requested a leave of absence on the advice of his attorneys.

Sir David explained that Mohammed's absence was due to reports published a local newspaper. "The time will come when Mr. Mohammed has to give his side of the story and respond to the allegations which have been made against him," Sir David said.

"He has asked to be excused in order to consult legal advice and to take such other action as he may be advised in respect of certain allegations against him," the commission chairman stated. He was unable to say if Mohammed would be present for Thursday's sitting.

Foreign Minister Winston Dookeran is the senior cabinet minister who recommended Mohammed to Attorney General Anand Ramlogan. 

He told the Guardian newspaper Mohammed had approached him before 2010 and ofered to serve the country.

Read the Guardian story:
Dookeran: Hafizool approached me in 2010

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