Monday, January 21, 2013

Commentary: Kamla's devotion to Tobago is reason enough to vote for TOP

Orville London called her “that lady”. And if Tobagonians grasp the opportunity they have today - January 21 - to change their government, London won’t be dealing with “that lady” anymore.

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has walked among the people, talked with them, shared their concerns and pledged to continue to serve them. She is, after all, the Prime Minister of both Trinidad and Tobago. And since taking office in 2010 her mantra of service to the people has been applied to both islands.

In the past weeks she has been more visible than ever, getting closer to the people, empathizing with them. And the people have shown a willingness to meet and embrace her, to hear what she has to say.

And her message has been clear:

  1. The London THA has failed to provide acceptable explanations for that failed land deal with a group of UK investors that now threatens to cause the government to pay $200 million in compensation instead of having multi million dollar investments in a five star resort and all the attendant benefits
  2. The PNM has not explained its dealings with people connected with that MILSHRIV deal that gives millions to a PNM family
  3. The PNM has rejected outright Port of Spain's offer of self government and equality
  4. The PNM has relied on overt racism saying it is defending the island against an invasion of Indians
  5. The Kamlamania that won her coalition partner, the Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP), the two Tobago parliamentary seats in 2010, is more alive than it has ever been because Kamla has demonstrated that she puts people first and that race, religion or political allegiances have no room in her politics

She is no aloof bureaucract. She is a people's leader who has lived and experienced what it is to feel rural neglect, to endure poverty and missed opportunities. She knows what it feels to bundle bodi and sell it in the market in order to help the family pay for food and other necessities.

And she is not afraid of anyone because she stands for what is right. That is why she is a better leader than the one who said she was not fit to be Prime Minister because she was from Siparia. 

In her eyes, everyone is equal and always will be. And she has made every effort to erase the sins of past administrations and embrace Tobago to ensure that it stands side by side as an equal partner in the union of Trinidad and Tobago.

Ashworth Jack and the Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) share that vision to free Tobago from PNM bondage, divisiveness and backwardness and stand ready to work with his colleagues in Port of Spain to take Tobago forward.

Anyone who wants Tobago to advance needs to take that message seriously and vote on Monday for Tobago. TOP stands for Tobago and every citizen of the island. And with God’s help and Kamla’s determination Tobago will rise to the top with TOP.

The future of Tobago will be written today by how the people mark their ballots. The past is gone forever; now is the time to embrace the future and chart a new course.

Jai Parasram

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