Friday, December 21, 2012

We Trinbagonians are among the happiest in the world says Gallup

River lime in Trinidad ... that's MP Jack Warner stirring the pot
Despite the negatives all around us we Trinbagonians are among the happiest people on this planet. In fact a Gallup poll released Wednesday suggests that we are ranked at number 5 on a list of the happiest countries from among148 states.

Gallup conducted its poll by doing telephone or face-to-face interviews with an average of 1,000 people in each of the 148 countries surveyed. The organisation asked respondents about their experiences the day before. 

Among other things, Gallup asked people if they smiled a lot, if they felt respected all day, if they were well-rested and if they learned or accomplished something interesting.

The top countries according to the survey - with the happiest people in the world - are Panama and Paraguay, with a score of 85. They are followed by El Salvador and Venezuela, each placing at 84. 
Trinidad and Tobago is ranked at number five along with Thailand, with a score of 83.

The United States is at at #33. Many of the nations that scored lowest in the Gallup poll were war-torn countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, or places where ethnic strife or political instability have been commonplace, including Serbia, Belarus and Azerbaijan.

The poll found the least happy residents in the world are in Singapore, a nation with a thriving economy and an impressive per-capita GDP comparable to that of any leading Western European nation. 
Only 46 per cent reported positive feelings. 

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