Sunday, December 9, 2012

Today's political quote: Winston Dookeran

"I have two responsibilities—to keep the government stable and also to guide society on the right path. I can't do one at the expense of the other." -Quoted in the Express newspaper in an interview with ASHA JAVEED

A letter to note:

Every person, every family, at some time or other, has had an experience so mortifying, no words, written or spoken, may adequately provide relief from, or describe the depths of grief which inevitably ensues. 

Yet, I shall use this medium to lift my spirit, to guide me out of the darkness, back towards the light, for, considering Dr Winston Dookeran’s performance (in today’s Express front page story, "Why I wrote the PM"), it is incontrovertible the COP is dead, waiting to be interred, therefore, to me, an occasion of intense chagrin.

Though never officially joining, for six years I’ve loved the COP from afar, because of my ideals about the role and purpose of politics –to serve the people, not for the people to be subservient. 

As its saga unfolded, my fascination was as a nature lover watching a Hibiscus evolve from its budded form to full radiant florescence, energized by the sun’s chain of fire, led by a man many once considered to hold truculence, prevarication and vacillation as anathema to our politics. 

After 2007, my fascination held –though others became gloomy– so, in 2010, when COP caught some reflex of the new guiding light –the Lotus of Siparia– and embraced the People’s Partnership, my immediate response was, “Thank You, God! Thank you, Kamla!”

But, it is from simple things that the sum of life is composed, from those acts which are most spontaneous and usually least observed that human nature may best be determined and most justly estimated. ("As snowflakes fall to the earth unperceived and are gathered together in a pile, so do the seemingly unimportant events of life succeed one another. No single flake creates a sensible change on the pile, and no single act constitutes, however much it may exhibit, a man's character.") 

Since entering government, through continuous oft conflicting actions and utterances, COP self-mutated to the point where, today, it’s totally effete, considering its 2007 premise or promise which led me to believe it would’ve batted for the Partnership with the same constant vigour those we revere as saints fought for their faiths.

Had the COP stood firmly for the Partnership as it stood for itself, no political preferment would have been beyond the COP’s reach. As it is, only as much of the political ground necessary to cover its mortal remains is worthy of being accorded it –and that doesn’t amount to much. 

I guess in the final analysis, there’s no surprise there: the COP’s arrival was heralded by a shower of stars and stars only shower when failing. The COP proved it was nothing but a sunburst, the only hope of this nation basking in the light shall be through bathing in the effulgence of the Sun.

The Hibiscus is folded! That which is mortal of it shall revert to its original home! Your mission’s accomplished, fare thee well, COP! Rest! Rest in Peace! Let the Lotus of Siparia bloom!

Dr Hermia Ophelia Tynsdale | SMR, Otaheite, South Trinidad, West Indies

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008

Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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