Thursday, December 6, 2012

T&T nationals in NY support CG

File: T&T Consul General in NY, Nan Ramgoolam
A woman who has identified herself as Susan Williams of 47 Grattan Street, Brooklyn, New York is questioning the moves by a group that is petitioning the government to recall T&T's Consul General to New York, Nan Ramgoolam.

In a letter to the national media she notes two articles in the Trinidad & Tobago press regarding the matter attributed to group that calls itself the Trinidad and Tobago Alliance (North America) Inc.   Both reports call for the removal of Ramgoolam. 

In one article in Newsday on Monday the group is demanding the CG's recall on grounds that she arbitrarily fired several employees and not acting in the interest of Trinidad & Tobago. An earlier report in the Trinidad Express on November had the same information. 

"Who is the US Alliance, what is the function of the US Alliance and who financed this clique/organization?" Williams asked in her letter to the media, noting that in her opinion the articles are "outrageous and misleading". 

Williams, who said her letter is on behalf of nationals living in the U.S., described some of what happened before Ramgoolam arrived in New York.
  • The hours of operation was during the hours of 9.00 am and 3.00 pm
  • Approximately 50 numbers were given out on a daily basis, this included passport interviews and passport pick up
  • T&T Nationals from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Boston, Maine, Rhode Island, etc. would travel to New York to wait in line to get a number
  • They would line up about 4.00 am in the morning or earlier in the rain, freezing temperatures and snow so that we can get a number in order to be seen at the Trinidad Consulate
  • Many persons from Connecticut and Boston who waited in the line for hours were turned away at the door
Ramgoolam changed that. The T&T Consulate is now opens at 7.00 am to closes at 5.00 pm, with officers ready to serve nationals at opening time. No one has to line up in the freezing temperatures outside the office.
Williams said the poor performance at the Consulate and improper has now changed under Ramgoolam's leadership. 

She has invited the local media to make an impromptu visit to the Consulate to see the positive changes instead of relying on misinformation from an unknown group.

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