Sunday, December 23, 2012

President Max a PNM puppet says UNC chairman

The chairman of the United National Congress said on Saturday President Max Richards is nothing more than a political puppet of the PNM.

Jack Warner, MP for Chaguanas West, made the charge after distributing more than 7,000 toys at seven venues in his constituency. 
A hug for Jack in Chaguanas West (Guardian photo)
He said Richards is leaving a shameful legacy.

"George Maxwell Richards will forever be remembered as the man who politicised the distinguished office of the presidency and compromised the traditional independent role of the position," Warner told reporters.

He noted that the president was "extremely silent" during the reign of the last PNM regime in issues surrounding the Integrity Commission. He said Richards remained quiet while being ill-treated by former prime minister Patrick Manning who built a palace next to the presidential hut. 

"In his last remaining days as President, His Excellency may feel emboldened to use his office to interfere in the politics of this nation but he may have misjudged the ire of critics and the sensitivity of the population. 

“The mask of President Richards has fallen and the entire nation can now see him for who he has always been—a political puppet of the former administration, placed there to bolster the political fortunes of the People’s National Movement,” Warner declared

Warner was adamant that Richards never did anything or said anything about the the last Manning administration but suddenly finds his voice to denounce the new regime. "Now, against all advice, legal and moral, he questions a proclamation which all members of the Parliament, including independent senators, signed and to which he himself gave authority.

“The President today, in other words, chooses to question the Government on a proclamation which he earlier assented to...History will record the indignity he brought to the presidency and he will be remembered as the political President, a man who showed how unqualified he has been for the post.

“We might have forgiven him for several errors for which he became well known, including the fiasco of the Integrity Commission appointments, we might even have chosen to forget his refusal to return from vacation and fix the national shame for which he was responsible, but how can anyone ever forgive and forget this naked interference in the politics and governance of our country by our President?”

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