Saturday, December 8, 2012

PNM MP supports Point Fortin Highway; Rowley says PNM has no position on project

An opposition MP is breaking ranks with the leader of the People's National Movement (PNM) to support the highway to Point Fortin.

Paula Gopee-Scooon told reporters she supports the highway because it will bring real development to the southland. She made the point at the reopening of the Cedros Breeding Unit Friday.

“I am 100 per cent behind the new highway. That was a PNM project and we are anxiously waiting for its implementation and execution. 

“It will bring investments to the area and help with transportation and generate the mushrooming of business activities in the southwestern peninsula."

Opposition Leader Keith Rowley has said the PNM has no position on the highway although the party highlighted it in its 2010 election manifesto as a major plank in its infrastructure program. Rowley campaigned on a PNM platform, which means he and the PNM supported the highway.

Gopee-Scoon said her concern about the highway is the manner in which the government is financing the mega project. The government has refused to borrow for it. "They are using $7.2 billion to build the highway and this is coming from the Treasury. I don’t think it is a proper arrangement. It is better financed by way of a loan," she said.
“T&T is in an excellent financial position in terms of capacity to borrow. If they approached the Inter-American Development Bank, it would have been much more feasible. I am sure the local banking sector would have been willing to participate in a project like that.” 

The Point Fortin MP also said there is corruption and mal administration in the project, without offering any evidence. "The scope of the project must be revisited and this entire office of the highway should be a more transparent one," she said.
Rowley told reporters on Thursday the PNM had not taken a stance for or against the highway, which he acknowledged was a PNM project.

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