Thursday, December 6, 2012

PNM approved OAS as contractor for highway to Point Fortin

Supporters of the opposition People's National Movement have stated more than once that former Works Minister Jack Warner approved the contract to build the highway to Point Fortin "in three weeks". The records show that's a lie.
File: Colm Imbert
Former PNM Works Minister

HANSARD: Friday, January 28, 2011

Mr. C. Imbert:
"Tenders were invited for three highways just in the month leading up to the general election, but I would deal with one specifically. 

"The Point Fortin highway was described as package three and tenders were received; I am advised on or around May 07, 2010. This would have been a little less than three weeks before the general election, say two and one-half weeks. 

"Three proposals were received from international contractors. Construtora OAS Limited, a Brazilian firm, came in with a bid of $5.285 billion; China Railway, another international firm, came in, obviously, from China, with a bid of $6.366 billion; and GLF, an Italian firm, with operations in North America, came in at a price of $5.378 billion.

"After the general election, the day after, as a matter of fact, on May 25, dealing with this specific project, a letter was sent to Construtora OAS and they were informed the day after the general election that the National Infrastructure Development Company had chosen OAS as the preferred respondent for the contract for the Point Fortin highway project."

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