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New poll shows PP govt slipping at mid term but Kamla gets high marks

The Kamla Persad-Bissessar cabinet ... still getting strong public support
A new public opinion poll by the North American Caribbean Teachers Association (NACTA) released Saturday suggests that the approval rating of the People's Partnership has slipped from all all time high of 70 per cent to 38 per cent at mid term. 

However, respondents said they still think Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar is doing a good job and a majority said there is no need for an early election.

NACTA did the survey over a two-week period. It included interviews with 540 persons reflecting the demographics of Trinidad & Tobago and it has a margin of error of four per cent.

Pollster Visnu Bisram told JYOTI the poll found that "people still hold high hopes in Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar meeting their expectations especially in arresting crime, taming inflation, turning around the economy, holding dialogue and consultation on governance, and implementing the many other promises she made during the election campaign two and a half years ago."

In June 2010, the government's approval rating was 70 per cent. According to the new poll, it has now slipped to 38 per cent. For the first time a majority - 52 per cent - said they are not pleased with the government's performance.

However Bisram said this is influenced by two issues - Section 34 and the Wayne Kublalsingh fast - and some of the government's missteps over the past two and a half years, including the Reshmi Ramnarine matter.

At the same time the poll has upbeat news for the government, most important of which is that 51 per cent of respondents said they believe that their has been an overall improvement in their lives since the new government took office. On the flip side 39 per cent said there has been no improvement.

The poll also suggests the Prime Minister is effectively managing the coalition. Asked if they feel she has done a job job at that 56 per cent said yes; 34 said no.

While a majority said they don't think there is a need for an election as demanded by the opposition, 37 per cent of respondents said if an election were held now they would vote for the People's Partnership; 31 per cent said they would vote for the opposition and 32 per cent said they were not sure.

Bisram told JYOTI one of the poll's conclusions is that in a general election COP is not likely to win any seats unless it is a “safe” UNC seat, such as St Augustine, which is currently held by the leader of COP, Prakash Ramadhar.
Here are some of the summary findings:

If an election were held today who would you vote for:

  • 37 % - People's Partnership 
  • 31 % - People's National Movement
  • 32 % - Don't know/other

Approval Rating of the Government:
  • Approve 38%
  • Disapprove 52%
  • Not Sure 10%
Has Kamla Properly managed the PP coalition?
  • Yes 56%
  • No 34%
  • No Answer 10%
Should there be early Elections?
  • Yes 35%
  • No 53%
  • No Answer 12%
Do you think gov’t will last its full term?
  • Yes 57%
  • No 30%
  • NA 13%
The poll solicited people's views on whether the Section 34 matter was important to them. Only 3 per cent said yes. People appeared to be more concerned with crime (30%), the cost of living (23%) and corruption (15%), Bisram said.

On the opposition demand for the firing of Attorney General Anand Ramlogan and National Security Minister Jack Warner, this is what the poll suggested:
47 per cent support Warner, saying he should not be fired; 47% agree that he should be fired. 44 per cent said the AG should not be fired; 41 per cent said he should be dismissed. However Bisram noted that the majority calling for this are opposition supporters. 

The poll also sampled people's opinion on the performance of ministers. The top performers suggested from the result are:

  • Vasant Bharrat - 21% 
  • Glenn Ramadharsingh - 18% 
  • Dr. Fuad Khan - 16% 
  • Jack Warner - 15% 
  • Roodal Moonilal - 15%
Bisram said several Ministers "failed to make the radar". 

One other interesting finding, noted Bisram, is that disgruntled PP and PNM supporters has suggested that they would support a new political entity centered around a popular social movement that can address the ills of society. He said this could impact on next year's local government election or the January THA elections.

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