Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Letter: Pointless labour unrest to spite PP government

The OWTU made the workers of TCL go on strike. What did it achieve? 

Well for one the country paid higher prices for cement. In addition, TCL could not meet its debt obligations due also to bad decision making by the Board of Directors and poor management of the company by the management team. 

However the question I ask is this. How many workers are as it were still on the breadline? How many workers did not get back their jobs Mr Roget and will face a bleak Christmas? It must be a bleak Xmas for their wives and children and no toys for the grandchildren. 

Who caused this? Who brought about this pain and distress upon these workers. 

Not that I have any sympathy for the workers. In fact I don't, because they chose to foolishly follow Roget and Abdullah. Did Roget and Abdullah carry a hamper to their homes this Xmas?
The same thing will happen to other workers who are being encouraged to engage in sudden strikes at Petrotrin. 

Why? Because of the ego of two wen. One who feels that he is a King and the other who believes that the King anointed him to be the next PM. What a bunch of fools! And so too are the followers of these fools. 

And as for the TCL workers who are still unemployed, let them continue to suck salt while Roget eats ham and drinks Chandon for Xmas. By the way he also collects his fat salary cheque. Let the workers hold the reins of suffering a la Roget.

Chandra Harnanan

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008

Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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