Sunday, December 30, 2012

Letter: A loss in Tobago is bad news for Rowley

As we approach the new year I write: In the pending Tobago House of Assembly elections a result of six vs six for both the PNM and TOP is a predictable but not necessarily bad for the People’s Partnership party. Of course, a better result for TOP and the People’s Partnership Government would be seven for TOP and five for PNM.
Keith or Penny? 
But in order for the People’s Partnership to comfortably retain political power, Dr Keith Rowley must be kept alive, politically speaking. If TOP were to secure nine or more seats in the elections, then the PNM will be decimated in Tobago and this will negatively affect Dr Rowley’s leadership standing in the PNM.

And with the advent of the new concept of one man one vote in electing their executive, I suspect that the general membership come 2014 would then remove Dr Rowley as the PNM political leader. And a completely dark horse in the race for the leadership of the PNM could then emerge.

But barring that, it appears that Penelope Beckles would be all set to snatch the leadership position if the PNM is comprehensively beaten in the upcoming elections for the Tobago House of Assembly. It would then be woman against woman for the position of Prime Minister in the general election of 2015, and incidentally, the political scientists believe that Beckles would gain the support of the floating votes in the East-West Corridor.

It is being said that if COP were to pull out of the People’s Partnership party, Beckles would garner the floating East Indian votes in the East-West Corridor. And all Beckles needs is the general nonaligned votes in the East-West Corridor to form the next government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. And the floating votes in the East-West Corridor amount to 12 per cent of the total votes in that region.

And by the way, I also understand that there is a sinister but dubious plot afoot for a few thousand UNC diehards to join the PNM only for the purpose of electing the leader of the PNM party at its 2014 internal elections. 

A happy New Year to all the politicians in Trinidad and Tobago. And to the rest of the citizenry I say we must continue to have boundless faith in our political destiny.

Israel B Khan

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