Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Letter: Another Ramlogan victory, why stop AG now?

The Yuletide Seasonal madness has begun in earnest. It's undoubtedly the only time the whole of Trinidad and Tobago sets aside nonsensical, artificial and makeshift barriers and hugs up one another in one love as God intended. 

Oh yes, this is the time of year people who were mad at each another, or themselves, suddenly realize the madness of it all and turn their energies towards making ready to clean up the surroundings, put down the guns (the real ones), share gifts (including gifts of Christmas greetings, sorrel, gingerbeer, ham, grog, love, happiness and joy). 

If you ask me why, I'd chalk up the transformation to Hope, not magic, since nobody could do anything, anytime, anywhere, unless Hope fires them up first. Nobody sets off on any mission unless they have a clear idea in mind what the intended result is. Agree? Or, disagree?

This Christmas, give a thought to the men and women in Parliament who we put there last time we went out to vote. 

Ask yourself what gifts they've brought, or if they have been playing Scrooge. The gift bearers would be those continually seeking our interests, no matter how difficult the odds. 

The Scrooges would be those continually occupying themselves in time-wasting efforts and putting stumbling blocks in the way of the parliamentarians who have been moving Heaven and Earth to bring back what really belongs to us. Agree? Or, disagree?

News like what I'm now hearing, about winning another arbitration matter overseas, gives me hope that all hope is not lost. 

I salute the Prime Minister for giving the Attorney General the go ahead to go after GTL, or whatever the foreign company's name was. 

Too much was bled from this country in the past by the careless or deliberate behaviour of parliamentarians, I'm glad this PP bunch seems serious. 

If only we could get enough of the other parliamentarians to put aside the nonsensical, artificial and makeshift barriers of "party colours" they're still hugging up, and hug up Trinidad and Tobago interests first, foremost and all the time instead, like I have done a long time now, we'd be seeing Christmas everyday. Agree? Or, disagree?

Aesop Nthanda | Pleasantville, Trinidad.

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Jai & Sero

Our family at home in Toronto 2008

Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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