Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hunger strike ends after assurance from JCC

Wayne Kublalsingh: “I am surprised my body has lasted so long..."
Wayne Kublalsingh's decision to end his hunger strike over the disputed Debe to Mon Desir section of the highway to Point Fortin came after the Highway Reroute Movement (HRM) accepted the terms of reference for the independent review committee. 

The terms were released by the Joint Consultative Council for the Construction Industry (JCC).

In a brief interview with the Guardian media's CNC3 Television Kublalsingh thanked everyone who supported him since the hunger strike began on November 15th.
Earlier the JCC and other civil society groups issued a media release inviting Kublalsingh to stop his protest action "so that we can have his submissions and active participation in this important matter".

Independent senator Dr James Armstrong will chair the independent working group. That was one of the proposals that the JCC submitted to the government last week.

Here are the main issues in the terms of reference:
  1. Review all the documentation provided by NIDCO, HRM and other interested parties
  2. Invite written and oral submissions from interested parties
  3. Ascertain transparency and compliance with prevailing statutory requirements
  4. Examine the process of public consultation and public information
  5. Examine the terms of reference issued by the EMA for an Environmental Impact Assessment, along with any other relevant documentation, in order to ascertain implications for social, economic and environmental impacts of the highway development, including consideration of land tenure, land acquisition and costs, land use and displacement of families and attendant settlement development. This component of the review will consider cost-benefit analysis; social impact assessment; terrestrial and marine ecology, hydrology, drainage and public utilities
  6. Examine the route selection process including the consideration of alternatives and the choice criteria
  7. Make recommendations for Best Practice.
  8. Undertake any related tasks which will enhance the content of the Report

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