Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Health issues no impediment for PM Kamla

A former cabinet minister told a local newspaper last week Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar is ill and needs help. Verna St Rose-Graeves did not give specifics in he Guardian.

However an official in the office of the Prime Minister told the paper there are no health issues affecting Persad-Bissessar's ability to do her work effectively.

Lisa Ghany, the PM’s engagements adviser ,told the paper Tuesday: "The Prime Minister has no health problems affecting her performance."

She noted that Persad-Buissessar herself has told the public about her hypertension and diabetes. 

She said "those things are under management and aside from the common cold which we all get from time-to-time, the Prime Minister’s performance is not injured day-to-day by either the hypertension or diabetes.”
Ghany added: “When she went to a UK forum on non-communicable diseases, the Prime Minister spoke of her own health issues and how she manages it so the conditions are no secret. 

"The Prime Minister is even managing her weight and is always very active. She maintains her heavy schedule without difficulty." Ghany said Persad-Bissessar exercises regularly and plays basketball and badminton wiith her grandson.

The Guardian asked two ministers about the PM's health. This is what it reported: Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan said: “I’ve had no problems with the Prime Minister. She’s always interacted with me well and in her interaction with me she is perfectly normal.” 

It added that Communication Minister Jamal Mohammed said: “Whatever health challenges the Prime Minister may have, she has the ability to overcome them and work above them and produce excellent leadership qualities.

“We heard a few months ago she said she had hypertension and diabetes but she has managed her lifestyle in such a way we do not see any ill-effects of her health conditions in the performance of her duties.”

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