Saturday, December 1, 2012

George invites JCC to discuss highway project

Peter Minshall drops in to meet Wayne Kublalsingh (Guardian photo)
Works Minister Emmanuel George on Friday invited the Joint Consultative Council for the Construction Industry (JCC) to a meeting at the minister's office at 11 am on Monday to discuss the Highway to Point Fortin. 

The minister's invitation is in response to a proposal from by the JCC and other civil-society groups to undertake a review of the project and by so doing end Wayne Kublalsingh hunger strike. 

On Wednesday the groups sent a letter to Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar asking for the immediate publication of a review of the contentious highway project. It suggested that if such a report was unavailable then a committee headed by Independent Senator Dr James Armstrong should do one.

The letter put a 48 hour deadline for a response from the Prime Minister, which expired Friday at about the time when George sent the JCC an email invting the group to Monday's meeting. 

In his email to the JCC the minister noted that the matter had been referred to him as line minister for the project and “I kindly invite you and representatives of your team to a meeting on Monday at 11 am” at the Ministry's office on Richmond Street, Port-of-Spain. 

However the JCC's Afra Raymond told George in an email reply: "In our view, your proposal does not reflect the sheer urgency now evident in this situation."

It added, "Please note that my colleagues and I remain ready, willing and able to meet with your team at short notice at any prior time. 

"The JCC remains committed to the timely, transparent and independent review of this section of this ongoing highway project, so we await your urgent response.” 

Raymond told local media he is disappointed with the response from the government especially because of the urgency of Kublalsingh's failing health.
JCC member bodies include the Society of Professional Engineers, the Institute of Architects, the Institute of Surveyors, the Society of Planners, and the Contractors Association. 

Other groups that want the matter resolved include The groups that signed the letter included the T&T Transparency Institute, the Federation independent Trade Unions and NGOs (Fitun) and Women Working for Social Progress (WorkingWomen).

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