Saturday, November 3, 2012

UNC chairman calls Democracy march a failure, not representative of T&T's diversity

Jack Warner called Friday's march by the People's National Movement (PNM) and its allies "the failure of the 3Rs - Rowley, Roget and Ramesh" and said it defined for the nation what Rowley's PNM represents. 

"It was the most non-representative assembly of our nation's citizens, reflecting the narrow-minded thinking of a party that once claimed to be national," the chairman of the United National Congress (UNC) told reporters at a media conference.

"The fact that 90 per cent of the...people wore red, the colour of the PNM, says they failed to gather this much-bandied about inclusive movement. Any observer to the gathering would also see that those who chose to be there were mainly of one ethnic group," he stated.

Warner said the march did not represent the country's diversity that is a hallmark of the People's Partnership. "When we hold a march you would see the rainbow that is Trinidad and Tobago. Ours is a melting pot of every creed, colour and race. Where were the East Indians, the Mixed faces, the white faces, the Chinese, where were the young people?" he asked.

He said the march comprised mainly "bussed-in" old PNM stalwarts "with a smattering of a few hangers-on does not represent either the future of this nation or any so called coalition of interests". He added that the electorate has already dispensed with that kind of insular thinking and predicted that no political party will ever see power in this country "without an appeal to all and sundry".

The Chaguanas West MP said the march reflected the PNM's style and was a demonstration of everything that is wrong with Rowley and his old style of “us” versus “them” mentality. "Try as he might, Rowley cannot muster the appeal of a wide cross section of the national community," Warner said.

"Today's attendance showed that there is only one group that responds to him and Trinidad and Tobago is beyond that. We are no longer Afro or Indo or Syrian or Chinese or any singular group. The only colour we see is red, white and black, the national colours of our proud nation. 

"Gone are the days that they can proclaim this is PNM country. If the People's Partnership were to hold a march tomorrow not only would our numbers be greater but more importantly it would attract the rainbow of people that make up Trinidad and Tobago. 

"So the march only succeeded in demonstrating how little has changed in the PNM of Keith Rowley and how distant the party is at being attractive to all of Trinidad and Tobago," the UNC chairman said.

He also spoke about the People’s Partnership, which he said has always been upholding the principle of good governance, outlining some highlights:
  1. we have respected the rule of law and the decisions of the courts
  2. we have always respected and ensured that the principle of the separation of powers is upheld the institutions of democracy have been supported foremost and amongst those is the Parliament
  3. every question filed by the opposition has been answered. Ninety-seven in all
  4. freedom of speech and the freedom of the media have not been transgressed upon by the government
  5. the right of dissent and to be critical of the government has never been as free from fear as it is under this government
  6. no radio station or television station has been closed under this government. In fact more licences have been granted
  7. the Prime Minister has acted every time it has been necessary to uphold good governance, including firing Ministers and even an ambassador
"Governance is about how decisions are made and implemented in the interest of the public good. This government of the People’s Partnership has a good record," Warner stated.

Warner also said he has no problem with people walking, marching or protesting. “As long as no law is broken they are free to march from now to 2015...We live in a democracy and they have a right to protest, to walk until 2015, but they must do so within the confines of the law,” he said. 2015 is the date of the next general election.

“The only way they could remove me, or, this Government is by the ballot box,” he said noting that in the 2010 election more people voted for him than attended Friday's march.

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